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How to fit your holiday packing in one carry-on bag

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Start your journey stress-free with these 11 hand luggage hacks
Pack for a week in one carry-on case and save both money and time on checking in suitcases and queuing at carousels. Here are 11 tips on how to pack light and travel smart.
1. Choose a soft bag
Skip the hard-shell case and take a soft bag with handy pockets inside and out instead. It’ll be lighter and – bonus! – much easier to squash into the overhead locker.
2. Ditch liquids
Solid versions of deodorant, perfume and body lotion are more concentrated than liquids so you can take smaller amounts. Or, if you have to take liquids, cover the lids with cling film and pop them in a zip lock bag to prevent leaks.
3. Take coconut oil
Take multi-tasking solid coconut oil: it works as cleanser, moisturiser, hand lotion, after sun, lip balm, hair mask, shave oil and soothes cuts, bites, rashes and stings. Plus it smells of the beach!
4. Bag it
Pack currency, passport, booking confirmations and sunglasses into a small cross body bag at the top of your cabin case. Slip it on when you land and hit the holiday running.
5. Smart about weight
Wear the heaviest items you’re bringing – jeans, jackets, cardigans etc – on the journey so they don’t weigh down your bag. Save space by wearing your beach sarong as a scarf on the plane: it’ll come in handy as a blanket or travel pillow.
6. Longer-lasting summer fashion
Plan your wardrobe in advance and pack for a week by colour-coordinating clothes so that each piece goes with everything. Choose items that work for day and night. Shorts, T-shirts, skirts and shirts, all in mix-and-match colours and prints = double the wear.
7. Roll clothes
Maximise space by rolling, not folding. Roll t-shirts together inside a plastic bag: it kills the friction that causes creases. And zip items into plastic bags or use packing cubes to make them more compact.
8. Shoe limits
Take one pair in the case and wear one on your feet – a pair for walking and a pair for dress up. And stuff the pair in your case with socks and undies to save more space.
9. Ready to recharge
Keep phone and tablet cables close to hand and knot-free by packing them into a glasses case and storing at the top of your case for easy access.
10. Embrace apps
Bag full of books? No thanks. Download app versions of guidebooks, magazines, maps, phrasebooks and travel journals.
11. Homeward bound
Store your house and car keys, airport parking card and spare change all together in a resealable plastic bag for an easy journey home.