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Experiences in Cyprus

Luxury Crown Resorts Group in Cyprus is geared to family and sport friendly guests with an abundance of activities. For relaxing or energetic outdoor activities, Cyprus is the perfect choice due to its temperate climate.

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Hundreds of historical monuments, art galleries and theatrical performances are ready to unravel the long cultural and historical character of the island. Local and foreign visitors should not miss the unique theatrical or musical performances given in many villages, at outdoor areas in picturesque landscapes, offering an alternative enjoyable experience. Visitors should also take a look at the numerous creative exhibitions of photographs or paintings organized over the year in many cities and villages across the island. Art galleries together with ancient museums of the island can display in a lively way the spirit and culture of the local people over the years.

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International level competitions ranging from marathons to tennis matches together with key yearly events in Cyprus such as seminars, workshops, conferences, wine festivals, carnivals, fashion shows and many more, give Cyprus a reason to celebrate, to create, to be alert. In addition to the yearly Cyprus events, other local and seasonal events are also organized with great success. In coastal areas locally organized festivals have great resonance. Foreign and local artists and famous DJ׳s show their presence and creativity levels on key celebrations and events in Cyprus. Many of the events in Cyprus derive from religious celebrations and anniversaries. Of special interest are the events organized during Easter and Christmas.

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National and local forest parks provide a spectacular natural space, ready to offer moments of entertainment, recreation and relaxation. The uniquely beautiful nature paths, available from one end of the island to the other, are ready to guide you through areas with spectacular flora and fauna. Almost all paths have names deriving from mythology. This is not a coincidence since each path is associated with a legend of the area, giving to each path a touch of magic. Many of the paths have a certain degree of difficulty but there are others which can be easily walked by anyone. Some are located near the coastal zones, while others are situated on mountain areas.

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Μoments of relaxation and recreation on the island become more enjoyable and unique if they are accompanied by delicious food choices and traditionally prepared wine delights in Cyprus restaurants and cafes. The traditional and modern cuisine are combined in such a way that many dishes create a unique riot of color, predisposing the palate for a special culinary pleasure to follow. In all restaurants in Cyprus, a wide selection of local wines of different varieties and flavors accompany each food choice, whether someone chooses to eat meat, fish or even a simple traditional Greek salad. After all, quality food in Cyprus restaurants is highly appreciated with almost all conversations and gatherings being accompanied by nice delicatessens.

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An island country can not fail to enjoy a number of activities on the beaches and the sea. Several beaches have nets for beach volley as well as playgrounds for little kinds on the sand. Young and elderly people spend productive time by the sea with games and exercise, irrespective of whether there is infrastructure by the coast or not. Jet skiing, windsurfing, canoeing, sea bicycle, parasailing, yacht and many more extreme water activities are just fantastic. The variety of water sports and fun in water parks offer to the visitors exceptionally special experiences. Those who just want to enjoy the salty sea and the calm sea breeze, have the option to rent a catamaran or board on a boat, leaving an experienced captain to lead them to beautiful places where they can go for diving.

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The spectacular sandy beaches together with the outstandingly beautiful coastal regions constitute one of the most valuable assets of the island, places where every visitor can enjoy the nature at its best. There is a wide variety of beaches ranging from highly crowded and more popular ones and others which are more remote and quiet. It all depends on what each visitor searches for. Interestingly enough, some of the beaches in Cyprus are awarded with a blue flag designation, as they include all necessary facilities and lifeguard equipment while at the same time their waters are uniquely clean and unpolluted. You only have to take a deep breath and have a long deep dive in the crystal clear blue waters surrounding the entire island. Each dive will surely remain unforgettable.

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It is undoubtedly one of the best ways to enjoy holidays with little expense. It is also a way to support eco-tourism and to live for a while away from the incessant hum of cities. It is true that Cyprus does not have many camping sites. The existing, however, are created in dreamy places near the sea and particularly beautiful mountainous areas where many resort, in the hot summer months. The camping area of Troodos and that of Polis are the most popular ones. The first, at an altitude of 1600 meters is pine protected, while the second is by the sea, surrounded by eucalyptus trees. Both allow the use of tents and caravans from spring to October.