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FAQ at Crown Resorts Group

May we bring our children to Crown Resorts Group?

All Crown Resorts Hotels are Family Friendly! However, Crown Resorts Elamaris Superfamily Club Really Loves Kids! The Crown Resorts Elamaris Super Family Club at Protaras Cyprus offers the perfect family holiday. In an environment truly relaxed and safe for kids we feature a tailor-made product for families with kids.

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What is the weather like at Crown Resorts Group?

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and one of its most popular tourist destinations. It has a Mediterranean climate along the coast and Semi-arid climate around the capital Nicosia with long, hot and dry summers. Winters are relatively mild with some rain between December and February.

One of the great joys of our hotels in Protaras, Pafos or Larnaca is that there are Outdoor Swimming Pools which always offer a cooling sensation. All bedrooms are fully air conditioned, so for those hot nights, you can be assured of a good night’s sleep.

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Which is the best season to visit?

Crown Resorts Group is a year round destination. The best time to visit Cyprus is between April – May or September – October. The island is generally kissed by sunshine all year round, however, depending on your penchant for dry and cool. Springtime on the island of Cyprus is mainly dry (without much rain) and rather cool. 

The long, lazy summers of Cyprus hold true to the island mentality—they are long and easy. Autumn reaches the island of Cyprus by early October. Winter in Cyprus doesn’t at all mean parkas like it does in North America.

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Are meals included in the rate?

Breakfast is included in the quoted price, but lunch and dinner will be charged separately.

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What kind of transport arrangements is available from the airport/Hermes?

Most guests come by private car as part of a broader exploration around Cyprus. The journey time from Larnaca’s International Airport to Protara is 46 minutes, from Larnaca’s International Airport to Pafos is 1 hour and 28 minutes and from Larnaca’s Airport to Larnaca is 15 minutes.

You may also use the Limassol Urban Buses Company transfers with daily schedules, including weekends and public holidays to serve the transportation needs of all travelers. Taxis are available at the designated Taxi waiting area located on the right, once you exit the Arrivals Hall at Level 0. The Taxi Service at Larnaka airport is available on a 24 hour basis.

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What are the must-visit sights and attractions in Cyprus?

Cyprus is a beautiful island set in the Eastern corner of the Mediterranean Sea. Each year many tourists visit the island to enjoy the warm sunny climate and clear skies, the exquisite and variant coastline and the charming hospitality of the local people. The island has a diverse geological scenery – raised beaches, coastal sand dunes, tombolos, sea cliffs and caves, ravines, gorges, tiny isles, rocky beaches, sandy beaches and much more, all waiting to be discovered!

The breathtaking Troodos Mountains with their lush forests are home to Cyprus’ indigenous ‘moufflon’, a wild sheep that resembles a deer. The moufflon is to Cypriots what the kangaroo is to Australians – an easily recognisable national emblem that appears in a stylised form on the distinctive tail fin of our national airline, Cyprus Airways.

This shy, but engaging creature also appears on coins, postcards & many lively descriptions from skiers out to impress their friends back at home!

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